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Success in Kiev

Quarantine Lifted

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The trip to Kiev was successful as the government has lifted the quarantine. I had my meeting at the government building and received the official paperwork for adoption in Mariupol. Yea!

Here are some photos of the government buildings, the entry dome into the city and churches.


I have returned to Mariupol after many hours of traveling and will start with meetings with the Regional Director, Orphanage Director and other government officials tomorrow. Not much to report yet, but will keep you posted.

Happy Thanksgiving from Ukraine!

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Flu Quarantine

Heading to Kiev in hopes of Quarantine Cancellation

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Well it looks like the Ukraine government may lift the flu quarantine on Monday, Nov 23rd and so with high hopes I will be heading back to Kiev on Monday.

Once I get back to Kiev, and providing the flu quarantine is lifted, here is how the rest of the process should go.

The process starts with another meeting with the Ukraine Government where they will give me paperwork for the Regional Director in Mariupol and the Orphanage. Then I will return to Mariupol and meet with the Regional Director, Orphanage Director and Social Worker for Natasha/Sasha. They will fill out the forms, send them to Kiev. Kiev will stamp the forms and send them back. I get a court date in Mariupol. The kids and I go to court, the judge rules and then there is a ten day waiting period for the final paperwork. At this point the adoption is complete.

Next step, I have to complete paperwork in Mariupol for their new birth certificates, head to another region Donetsk to get their Passports and then back to Kiev to the US Embassy for the final paperwork. Then we can go home. Yea!

Sounds easy - right! Stay tuned as I will keep you updated with our travel, paperwork and progress. And some photos to keep it interesting.

Next stop Kiev!

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Jeff Leaving Ukraine

Jeff is Homeward Bound

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Jeff is starting his journey home to CA. He departed the train station about an hour ago with a 16 hour train trip ahead of him on his way from Mariupol to Kiev. Then he will overnight in Kiev and fly to Los Angles on Wednesday. I will miss him terribly.

I am still in Mariupol until the government lifts the quarantine. I am helping out at the Center with cooking; although the kids find everything I do and make funny. They do not see many Americans and are having fun trying to speak with me. In general whenever we speak in public people stop and stare as many have never seen an American and almost no one speaks English.

The weather is getting colder everyday as we head further into winter and we are expecting snow this week. For now, I will continue to wait to complete our paperwork and adoption and will keep you posted with the progress.

Missing all of you and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Love Brenda

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Kiev to Mariupol

Traveling Across Ukraine - The Adventure Continues

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Before leaving Kiev, we visited the US Embassy and Jeff completed his part of the paperwork. Jeff is leaving Ukraine next week and needed to finish the paperwork. Next stop was the Kiev train station as we began a 16 hour train ride across Ukraine to Mariupol. We were able to see some of the countryside. The area is very rural until you get to Mariupol which is an industrial city with steel mills and lots of pollution. The worldwide recession has affected Mariupol greatly as over 20,000 people have lost their jobs in a city with 400,000 people. The area is reminesent of a World War II movie depiction of Eastern Europe.

Today, we went to the Orphanage and visited Natasha and Sasha. They were so happy to see us and Natasha told us she knew we would come. They have been waiting and looking for us everyday and today was the day they have been waiting for. We have put some pictures of the orphanage on our photo gallery.

Currently the country is under quarantine with the swine flu and we must wait until the 23rd for our paperwork to continue the adoption process. We are staying at Jeremiah's Hope Transition Living Center in Mariupol. This is a housing facility run by a humanitarian group that helps orphans. They have been very kind to us. There are 10 kids here in the center.

Will keep you updated with our progress.

Kids Ukraine Orphanage

Kids Ukraine Orphanage

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Arrived Ukraine

Kiev Sightseeing

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The beckelman's are on the scene in Kiev, having arrived safe and sound at our hotel in downtown Kiev directly across the street from the main square and Kiev Opera House. Interestingly on our drive in from the airport, we passed four McDonalds and a TGIF. The buildings, churches and architecture here is absolutely beautiful. We walked to the former KGB building, several churches and went through the original stone gate entrance to Kiev dating back over 1000 years.

Tomorrow we are heading to the US Embassy to fill out paperwork with the adoption and will keep you posted with our progress.

Having a great time and enjoying the city!

Kiev Opera House

Kiev Opera House

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